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We are innovators , we are Leren

We make your business thrive by leading the digital transformation through custom software development services, strategic project management and creative and technological solutions. We enhance your decision making process by improving your business' digital world.

We use tailor made solutions driven by innovative thinking. We assess internal processes and specific patterns in order to find the digital path for success. Our quality standards relay on our talented engineers, our agile working methodology and our will of getting things done.


What we deliver?

Digital transformation

A complete analysis of your organization and needs will result in the best digital solutions delivered.

Project management

No matter what the challenge is, our team will manage to deeply understand it and execute a cost effective success plan.


Wether your organization is looking for a customized system or a ready-to-use software, we take care of maintenance, cloud hosting, updates and support.

Process optimization

Your time is valuable. Optimization along the way is important and our innovative work methodology enables quick and efficient solutions.

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Software As A Service (SaaS)

In addition to the project services, we offer a work modality commonly called "Software As A Service" which includes ERP, CRM, Real Estate Management Systems, and many others. This type of work has the great advantage for the client since one does not have to worry about anything corresponding to the system. Company by utilizing SaaS receives ready to use product, without any additional installations within the company. Leren takes care of everything, including maintenance, updates, cloud hosting, support, and many more.

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Why choose us?

Some of the reasons ...


Our way of working allows us to integrate to the maximum in the processes with our clients. We are interested in creating strategic alliances to understand the business for which Leren is working and yet provide the most appropriate solutions to the needs raised.


We make sure that all our works have the best quality in the market, as we complete each step of the project with the best professionals. Constant contact with the client assures that one receives the best service. Leren focuses on the management, monitoring and execution of projects with the best practices that provide the highest quality and continuous improvement.


We think that innovation is one of the most crucial matters when facing a new project,thus, Leren's team is constantly training in the latest technologies to apply them as being at the forefront enables offering the best tools for your business.


Many years of experience dedicated to technology consulting as well as providing our customers with the most appropriate solution for each circumstance, allows us to provide a high quality service that ensures the best outcome.

Quality, Innovation, Trust.

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